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This outlines our planned roadmap.
  • 3.5 around June
    • Add the ability to use the static Mock class

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RainerHilmer Oct 20, 2013 at 4:03 PM 
The change history tells June 2011 as last date but the latest release date is from June 24, 2013.
Can someone explain this to me?
I came here out of curiosity after some years and at first I was excited to see this project is continued - is it really?
Anyway I wanted to say I like this framework and the fact that it comes along with a good quick reference AND a detailed tutorial is outstanding!
Alas most developers don't care much for documentation.
I think a good documentation is essential to a great acceptance. No one wants to use something which oneself has to find out how it works first. That leads to frustration and most likely to a concurrent product.
So BRAVO to this! :)